Stand Up and Act out!

"Stand Up and Act Out has been invaluable this year in terms of our equity work as a school district." 

Rick Mayfield, Director of Learning & Achievement, San Luis Coastal Unified School District, California


What is 'Stand Up and Act Out'? 
'Stand Up and Act Out' is an upstander curriculum which acts as a preventative anti-bullying curriculum by normalizing both inclusion and Upstander behaviors.

Why do schools need this curriculum? 
Research shows that 1 in 3 children are bullied, usually on the basis of identity. Research also shows that it is possible to shift social norms and support an inclusive school climate and that peer intervention is a powerful tool to change behavior. 

Who is this curriculum aimed at? 
Children in Grades K - 5 who participate in the curriculum for approximately six weeks of each school year.   

What happens during lessons? 
Children roleplay Upstander skills, learn how to recognize when there is a problem, and then practice what to say to help. Through games, music, drama and discussion and celebration, difference is normalized, making all children feel accepted and empowered to maintain their positive school climate.

How much time do I need to deliver this curriculum?
The curriculum is designed to be delivered over a six week period and includes an introductory lesson followed by six consecutive lessons, each lasting between 30 - 40 mins.   

What skills do teachers need to be able to deliver this curriculum? 
The curriculum has been developed so that anyone, no matter what their experience of drama, can deliver sessions with ease. Full training is provided as well as comprehensive, ongoing support.

The curriculum is tied to Common Core State Standards in English Language Arts as well as History-Social Science and Mental, Social, and Emotional Health State Standards

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