2nd January 2010

I watched a really thought provoking video on YouTube today which confirmed everything I believe about children and creativity and underpins the exact reasons why I find Pyjama Drama so rewarding a career.

The speaker Sir Ken Robinson, shares his view that that our current education system, with its clear hierarchy of subjects (mathematics and language at the top and the arts at the bottom), is educating our children out of their creative capabilities and is therefore, ‘killing creativity'. He highlights what I see every time I take a Pyjama Drama class, that because children are prepared to take a chance and to be ‘wrong’ they are more naturally creative than the adults that strive to teach them. By defining creativity as, ‘the process of having original ideas that have value’ he intelligently (and with wit and humour) challenges current thinking on what defines intelligence.

If you’ve got a spare twenty minutes, this really is worth a look.