31st October 2011

We mention on our website and in our literature about the benefits of Pyjama Drama classes (apart from the fact that they're fun!).  About how our classes improve children's confidence, help them think creatively, develop their communication skills and get them to work as part of a team. We know it's true because we see the evidence every day but it's always gratifying to hear it from other sources and so we were intrigued when someone pointed us in the direction of a blog post on the respected ideas forum website 'BIg Think', titled "Stop Subjecting Your Baby To Mozart (give her drama lessons instead)"  You can read the post for yourself but in a carefully controlled study, a psychologist found that drama lessons made young children, "better at understanding the mental states of others, and they were more socially adjusted".

It's an interesting study and we have to say that the comments we receive from parents, teachers and nursery managers certainly back it up.