16th March 2012

My school report always said the same, 'could do better' and 'must try harder', so from time to time I indulge in a little fantasy of going back in time and doing it all again. I visualise a new improved twelve year old me who does all her homework, who revises for tests, listens in class and who doesn't spend whole lessons writing notes to her best friend. This time travelling student would achieve highly in all areas of the curriculum and learn all sorts of interesting and useful facts which would one day make her a force to be reckoned with when playing Trivial Pursuits - well don't we all deserve a second chance? Luckily, my second chance has come in the form of my eleven year old daughter who has year seven exams to revise for and who, so far at least, seems to be taking this whole education thing more seriously than I ever did. Helping her to revise has not only got me one step further in my ambition of becoming Trivial Pursuits champion but has also taught me the following (and very useful?) facts:

1. Chemical energy is transferred as electrical energy
2. Sankey diagrams summarise all the energy transfers taking place in a process
3. The French word for fifteen (quinze) is pronounced Kanz
4.  The French word for Wales (as in the country) is 'Pays de Galles'
5. The Qur’an is divided into 114 chapters

Oh, and I've also learned that long division doesn't get any easier but maybe I'll get the hang of that in year eight...