Preschool Lesson Plans Free

Let’s make your life that little bit easier with our preschool lessons plans that are free!

Your job as a preschool teacher is no doubt a rewarding career, but it can be difficult knowing how to teach them in the most effective way so everyone benefits.

At Pyjama Drama Learning we are passionate about making learning fun and want to make your job as a preschool teacher that little bit easier

We understand exactly how hard it can be keeping things interesting for kids and keeping their attention. With this in mind, we’ve put our years of experience to the test and come up with plenty of resources that we know you’ll appreciate.

Our courses are affordable, easily accessible, informative and simple and easy to download and will give you all the tools needed to succeed. You’ll find that we have a range of online courses which cover subjects such as personal development, cyber safety and well-being of the kids and their emotions.

What’s more, our website is home to plenty of free stuff which we hope will make your day go a little smoother. Everything from drama games, music and teacher training- you’ll love what we have to offer here at Pyjama Drama Learning.