People say the nicest things...

100% of teachers who recently took our course, 'The Secret to Being an Incredible Preschool Teacher'...

Saw improvement in students' behaviour and self-control 

Saw improvement in students' interest in pretend play 

Saw improvement in students' social skills, language skills and physical skills 

Gained confidence in using drama techniques in the classroom 

Plan to use Pyjama Drama activities and techniques in their classroom from now on 

Would recommend this training to a friend


'This training is like no other! The music and support is amazing. The techniques are so useful and powerful! I cannot say thank you enough for this offering!'
(Feedback given as part of an anonymous survey)

'I loved this course. It’s brilliant, it's simple, and it's effective. It's very inspiring. Doing all this just makes me want to be a classroom teacher!’ 
Lindsey Jarvis, Instructional Aide 

(Feedback given as part of an anonymous survey)

'I appreciate your ideas surrounding how to involve children’s ideas and interests and roll them into the experience. I’ll adopt songs to make them more imaginative and engaging for toddlers.'
Robert Jolley, Lead Teacher

'Our early educator training was organized, interactive, and interwove the California Preschool Learning Foundations and Frameworks. Sarah did a wonderful job breaking down concepts for teachers, allowed time to work through the process, and offered great follow up to the work she presented. We are looking forward to more professional development and learning opportunities through Pyjama Drama Learning.' 
Lauren Thorne, Early Learning Educational Support Coordinator, San Luis Obispo County Office of Education 

'Brilliant. The lessons are informative, lively, straightforward, entertaining, concise, to the point and VERY watchable.' 
Stephen Waldron, retired Deputy Head Teacher 

'I found a way to be the best, most fun teacher using skills I learned and applying them directly, with room for my own personality to shine through.' 
(Feedback given as part of an anonymous survey)

'The combination of online and live [learning was the best thing about the course] because this allowed me to practice and then see [techniques] in action from other teachers and the leader.'
(Feedback given as part of an anonymous survey)

'This has been so fun! I teach first grade and this course made me realize I want to use more sign language in class. I also took away a great way to introduce skip counting and introduce read-alouds. The best thing is I find myself thinking more creatively about how to best reach my students. Thank you!’ 
Susan Johnson, First Grade Teacher

‘This mini-curriculum was so extremely helpful! The ready to use ideas and lessons were great to implement the same day and watching each video took only a few minutes of time. Sarah does a great job conveying the message and I was worried I would not be as confident but I was surprised at how responsive the kids were. You don’t have to be perfect, the kids will love it! I can’t wait for more lessons!’ 
Erin R., Teacher

'I have to add that I have watched parents in my classroom smile, and appear to be surprised, as they observe techniques I took away from your Pyjama Drama training. This observation allows parents to have new insights and a deeper understanding of their child's thinking and emotions.  It has been great as a teacher to observe this!'
Shannon Pimentel, Site Supervisor and Teacher

'Very fun. I’m excited for more training. I will use the music with big and silly actions.'
Cindy Dunlap, Lead Toddler Teacher 

'This was perfect! So valuable to teachers. Thank you for sharing the music!!! Your training has supported my offerings to students and children, adding imaginative play/songs throughout the classroom day. It has helped me offer safe ways for students to express their personalities, as they continue to develop their social and cognitive skills. Offering imaginative play has supported their learning of cooperation, decision-making skills and investigation skills!' 
(Feedback given as part of an anonymous survey)

'This was a wonderful reminder to continue to ignite the imagination of my own children at home. The twinkle in my daughter's eye and lit-up smile makes me want to continue using Pyjama Drama techniques again and again!'
Katrina Lawton, Teacher and mother of children aged 2, 4, and 6