Adventure Parties

In a Pyjama Drama Adventure Party you and your guests will be whisked away on a thrilling adventure full of magic, mystery and make-believe. We sing, dance, pretend and play; exploring new lands and meeting magical characters along the way!

Most suitable for 16 children up to 4 years, and lasting fifty minutes, Adventure Parties cost $150 and include printable invitations.  A variety of party favors are available at a small additional cost.

All we need to deliver an unforgettable party for a birthday or special occasion is a room large enough in which to dance and play and a bucket load of imagination!

PARTY THEMES (2 - 4 years)
Airplane Adventure
Dragon Hunt
Dinosaur Stomp
A Frozen Birthday
The Happiest Clowns in Town
Jungle Adventure
A Little Bit of Magic
Princess Party
A Royal Cup of Tea
The Super-duper Super-hero

Book your party today via our handy online booking system.  

If your little one is celebrating their first birthday, please let us know and we will create a party that is just right! Email us today.

Alternatively, take a look at our Interactive Theatre Parties; when we bring the theatre to you!

For more about our parties, including help with venues and information about party gifts, please visit our Frequently asked questions page.


A young girl with blonde ringlets sits holding a pink balloon. She has her back to us and she is sitting looking out at what we assume is a birthday party.