One thing we can all agree with in these uncertain times, is that we need to keep young people safe, happy and educated. That’s why we’re working with schools individually to ensure we meet the meets of their students, teachers and parents.

A vital component of Stand Up and Act Out is the comprehensive training that staff receive, and we have been working hard to ensure we can still deliver that training in the changing landscape. As such, training can be delivered socially distanced or even remotely, to ensure your staff are safe – and without compromising on quality.

The content of the curriculum itself (lessons and SEL games) can also be delivered with social distancing in place, or even via distance learning - something that is covered comprehensively in training.

With so many of our young people suffering the trauma of loss, illness and uncertainty, well-being is at the heart of every school curriculum. Drama is the perfect vehicle to help students process and manage big emotions.

There may never have been a time when a curriculum such as Stand Up and Act Out has been more necessary – helping young people to embrace diversity and challenge stereotypes. Please get in touch to discuss with us your requirements and we’ll work together to ensure we can keep our children safe, happy and better able to live in our ever-changing society.