Why become a Stand Up School?


Become a Stand Up School and benefit from the following outcomes…


Foster an environment where differences are recognized and diversity is celebrated.


Teach students the value that difference brings to a respectful and civil society.


Cultivate a supportive environment where bullying is not tolerated. Research shows that 1 in 3 children are bullied, usually on the basis of identity. 


Encourage attendance by creating an inclusive, happy, positive school climate where students of all ages respect and support one another and where community spirit is nurtured.


Healthy relationships
Promote healthy relationships by teaching students how to respectfully stand up for one another and challenge inappropriate behavior. Research shows that peer intervention is a powerful tool to change behavior. 


Language development
Develop spoken and non-spoken language.


Knowledge and understanding of the world
Widen students’ experience of the world by enabling them to ‘meet’ fictional characters with differences they might not normally encounter.


Inclusive learning
Harness the power of drama to ensure all students, regardless of their academic abilities, can access the curriculum in full.


Social and emotional learning
Develop the key skills such as confidence, language and cooperation that are needed to create and sustain well-being and which lead to successful learners and active members of society.