What is "Stand Up and Act Out"?

"Stand Up and Act Out" is an Upstander curriculum designed to help students in Grades K – 6 to:

  • Recognize and celebrate differences in their own school and the wider world
  • Recognize when someone is being picked on/teased/bullied because of real or perceived differences
  • Stand up to such behavior by respectfully confronting bullying/teasing, and by giving comfort to the individual being picked on/teased/bullied
  • Develop and apply their leadership skills (Grade 6)

The curriculum acts as a preventative anti-bullying curriculum by normalizing both inclusion and Upstander behaviors.


Differences explored:

Culture and ethnicity, (dis)ability, family income, family structure, gender, language, physical features, race, religion, talents and preferences.


Students will:

  • Take on the role of fictional characters who are being picked on/teased/bullied because of their real/perceived differences
  • Develop their Stand Up skills in the safe environment of the classroom, for use in their day-to-day lives
  • Learn to recognize, talk about and celebrate their differences
  • Learn about themselves and each other, how to manage emotions, show empathy and make responsible decisions
  • Develop key social and emotional skills
  • Build their knowledge, skills and understanding gradually with a cumulative effect throughout elementary school, helping prepare them for the next stage of their education



  • Comprehensive in-person/remote training for staff
  • Training videos and ongoing support
  • Original music and drama games
  • Whole-school assembly and introductory lesson
  • Age differentiated drama lessons, six per grade, designed to be delivered in consecutive weeks
  • Age differentiated English Language Arts extension activities for all grades
  • History connections activities for grades 4 and 5
  • Additional SEL drama games designed to de delivered during this six-week period, and at any time throughout the year
  • Links to state standards, appropriate to each grade