Recognize and celebrate difference

"Stand Up and Act Out" uses drama to help students explore the richness in diversity by introducing them to a range of characters they may not ordinarily encounter.

In a Stand Up School, students are encouraged to recognize, talk about and celebrate both the diversity of their school community and the diversity of the wider world.


So they will grow more accepting of each other's differences, and of those they will encounter outside of school. Encouraging students to appreciate that each of us is valuable in their own way, also means they are more likely to reject bias when they witness it.


The result?
Increasingly more confident Upstanders who can identify when someone is being teased, picked on or bullied because of a real (or perceived) difference, and who is able to stand up for them; respectfully, safely and appropriately.

In "Stand Up and Act Out", differences explored include: Culture and ethnicity, (dis)ability, family income, family structure, gender, language, physical features, race, religion, talents and preferences.

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Or listen to Stand Up Students sing about their differences by clicking on the video below!