Integral to being an effective Upstander is key social skills, and this is why playing drama games form an integral part of "Stand Up and Act Out".

Delivered weekly, and to complement their Stand Up lessons, students engage in a range of original drama games (we call them SEL, or Social Emotion Learning games), each designed to help them learn about themselves and each other – their similarities and their differences.

The games are physical, fun, and when played regularly (we recommend playing them all year round!) they will develop social and emotional skills such as concentrationconfidence, and cooperationas well as helping children to:


  • Self regulate 
  • Express their feelings using a specific vocabulary 
  • Listen to others 
  • Be proud of their achievements 
  • View themselves in a positive light 
  • Ask for help when required 
  • Display awareness of other people's feelings
  • Recognize and celebrate each other's differences

Along with being essential Upstander skills, all the above skills are are, of course, also skills for life!



You can try out one of the games featured in "Stand Up and Act Out". It’s called "Odd One Out", ideal for children grades 2 - 6, and is the perfect introduction to our approach to play! 

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