A whole-school approach


A Stand Up school is a place where all stakeholders uphold the ethos of a Stand Up school, a place where differences are recognized and celebrated, where inappropriate behaviors are respectfully challenged, and where students of all ages support one another.

The curriculum comes with a whole-school assembly which is integral to the launch of your Stand Up school and which should then be delivered annually. The assembly teaches students the ethos and principles of a Stand Up school via The School Anthem – our original Pyjama Drama Learning song. Research shows that singing together boosts well-being and nurtures community spirit, and the anthem is sung at the start and end of every Stand Up lesson.

In grade 6, students officially become Stand Up Support Students, tasked with the responsibility of supporting those in lower grades and being effective Upstander role models.

Stand Up and Act Out has been carefully written to ensure students build their knowledge, skills and understanding with a cumulative effect throughout elementary school, preparing them for the next stage of their education.

The curriculum comes inclusive of our Stand Up posters which should be displayed not only in classrooms but in other communal spaces around school too, such as the school yard and canteen.

Futhermore, we encourage all staff members (teachers, support staff, administrative staff etc) to take part in the training if at all possible to ensure the principles of being a Stand Up School are fully integrated into the school.