So vital in our world today
‘This is my second Pyjama Drama class, and I can't wait to start to use these new strategies (and frog character) with my students online and, one day, in real life. I love this focus on the social/emotional, so vital in our world today. I feel so very happy when I teach using your strategies and techniques, and your classes make me feel even more confident, excited and motivated. My students have loved every song that I have used…all the movement activities, rhymes, and the strategies really do work! I love it!!! Thank you for everything...recommend PD all the time!’ Fiona Llloyd-Moffat


Supported my confidence
‘The tools that I have learned through the Pyjama Drama Learning workshops have supported my confidence in engaging with imaginative play and with children I work with. Play is the best way to learn.’ Laurinda Wagner


I will use what I learn with the children
‘I was unsure at first as to what to expect from the class, but as time went on I got more comfortable and really enjoyed the class. Sarah demonstrated great ways to use the material and our own imagination. I will use what I learn with the children. Thanks for a great class.’ Meredith


Great! Very helpful fountain of resources for creativity and imagination in children. Magda


Would definitely do more!
‘Very informative and helpful. A viable alternative to in-person workshops. Lots of individual feedback, small group work. Instructor was very well prepared, knew the technology and her material. Would definitely do more!’ Rosemary Gagner


Brought out the child in all of us!
‘Very fun, helpful, and brought out the child in all of us!’ Robin


A very good class
‘I hope there will be follow up curriculum/ classes. This was a very good class!’ Sarah Stafford


‘Awesome and very fun training! It’s great to sing and act!’ Tresha Emery


Lots of tools to take back to the classroom
‘Fun! Lots of tools to take back to the classroom.’ Penny Glass


Engaging and fresh
‘The material is engaging and fresh. I love learning new ways to apply the skills that I’ve learned, in the classroom. Sarah is very passionate and makes learning fun! Can’t wait to apply my skills with actual students.’ Misti Freeman


10/10 - would recommend
‘BEST CLASS EVER! It can be very awkward and out of your comfort zone to play pretend in front of adults, but trust me, it is FUN and you learn by doing! If you are a teacher, take this class. Practice at home. Your kids will love everything you bring back to them. I have nothing but great things to say about Pyjama Drama and the instructor, Sarah. 10/10 would recommend!!’ Cici


Highly recommend
‘PD Learning is a fantastic resource. All clearly explained by the easily watchable Sarah, who creates a steady yet still lively pace. It covers many aspects of a child's development which, in today’s society is crucial. Schools are expected to do more than just teach Maths and English etc but rather give focus and attention to a child's well-being. Programs like this make that easier....well done, I highly recommend!’ Bekki Williams


I'm so grateful
‘Practical and creative ideas that don't require specific resources that take extra time. My children are so engaged with the activities and songs. I'm so grateful to Pyjama Drama Learning for improving my teaching.’ Hannah


An incredible programme
‘Pyjama Drama has so much to offer! It is an incredible programme for children from infancy through early childhood as well as for parents and teachers. From the perspective of the teachers and early educators, the professional development training is organised, interactive, and focuses on all areas of development within children. Sarah does a wonderful job breaking down concepts for teachers, allows teachers time to work through the process, and offers great follow up to the work she presents. We are looking forward to more professional development and learning opportunities with Sarah through Pyjama Drama Learning.’ Lauren Thorne, Early Learning Educational Support Officer


‘A wonderful resource, really straightforward to use. Thank you.’ Jo


The techniques are so useful and powerful!
'The music and support is amazing. The techniques are so useful and powerful! I cannot say thank you enough for this offering!' Feedback given as part of an anonymous survey

Very inspiring
'I loved this course. It’s brilliant, it's simple, and it's effective. It's very inspiring. Doing all this just makes me want to be a classroom teacher!’ 
Lindsey Jarvis, Classroom Assistant 

I learned so much
'Would you recommend to a friend? YES IN A HEARTBEAT! I LEARNED SO MUCH I CAN ONLY EXPRESS IT IN CAPS!' Feedback given as part of an anonymous survey

'Brilliant. The lessons are informative, lively, straightforward, entertaining, concise, to the point and VERY watchable.' Stephen Waldron, retired Deputy Head Teacher  


I found a way to be the best...
'I found a way to be the best, most fun teacher using skills I learned and applying them directly, with room for my own personality to shine through.' Feedback given as part of an anonymous survey

I can't wait for more lessons!
‘This mini-curriculum was so extremely helpful! The ready to use ideas and lessons were great to implement the same day and watching each video took only a few minutes of time. Sarah does a great job conveying the message and I was worried I would not be as confident but I was surprised at how responsive the kids were. You don’t have to be perfect, the kids will love it! I can’t wait for more lessons!’ Erin R., Teacher

I have watched parents in my classroom smile...
'I have to add that I have watched parents in my classroom smile, and appear to be surprised, as they observe techniques I took away from your Pyjama Drama training. This observation allows parents to have new insights and a deeper understanding of their child's thinking and emotions. It has been great as a teacher to observe this!' Shannon Pimentel, Site Supervisor and Teacher

I'm excited for more training
'Very fun. I’m excited for more training. I will use the music with big and silly actions.' Cindy Dunlap, Lead Toddler Teacher 

So valuable to teachers
'This was perfect! So valuable to teachers. Thank you for sharing the music!!! Your training has supported my offerings to students and children, adding imaginative play/songs throughout the classroom day. It has helped me offer safe ways for students to express their personalities, as they continue to develop their social and cognitive skills. Offering imaginative play has supported their learning of cooperation, decision-making skills and investigation skills!' Feedback given as part of an anonymous survey

A wonderful reminder...
'This was a wonderful reminder to continue to ignite the imagination of my own children at home. The twinkle in my daughter's eye and lit-up smile makes me want to continue using Pyjama Drama techniques again and again!' Katrina Lawton, Teacher and mother of children aged 2, 4, and 6