Circle Time Lesson Plans

Need some inspiration with circle time lesson plans?

Circle time has a wealth of benefits for both the children and you as a teacher. For you, it gives you a chance to observe behaviour and see how each child interacts with one another, as well as being able to see how far they have come in development. For the children, however, it offers even more fantastic benefits which can be reaped when you offer plenty of activities.

By investing in our circle time ideas, you’ll be able to encourage the children to interact with one another and learn by having fun. Offering a space for them to each have a moment in the spotlight, circle time aims to boost self-esteem, improve communication and challenge their imaginations. Better yet, circle time has the added benefit of routine- something that we all know children excel in!

Here at Pyjama Drama Learning we’ve got your back when it comes to fun, interactive and educational lesson plans- and we’ve certainly not skipped circle time! We offer a wealth of ideas for you to inject into circle time, all of which aim to get the very best out of the kids and hopefully help make your job that little bit easier.