If I Were a Dragon...

Learning Outcomes (linked to the EYFS) 

Children will:                          

  • Recite a rhyme together (CL)
  • Learn about the dangers of fireworks (KUW)
  • Use their imagination (EAD) 


How to Play

1. Sit in a circle and share a simple story about Cat who burned her paw after touching a firework that was left on the ground. Discuss the importance of never lighting or touching fireworks

2. RECITE: Tonight’s the night

Tonight’s the night –
Bonfire night,
Fireworks and fun.
Toffee apples, treacly sweets,
Hot dogs in a bun.
But beware;
We must take care,
And everyone must learn,
To follow all the safety rules -
Fireworks can burn!

3. When the children are familiar with the rhyme, make an imaginary phone call to the Vet who tells you that Cat's paw has been bandaged up, and that she's ready to come home 

4. Why not make a 'get well soon' card for Cat to welcome her back home? And remember to tell everyone you know, never to touch fireworks!

Have fun and remember all games, songs and rhymes are original to Pyjama Drama 
- you won't find them anywhere else!