Dragon Jive - the album

Pyjama Drama music has been written by cofounder Sarah Owen and is sung by Sarah and her brother-in-law, Dan Lee. Neither Sarah nor Dan are professional singers – they’re both parents who recognise the power of singing with young children and we hope it proves that you don’t need to be a professional singer to ignite imaginations and have fun singing with little ones!

And now you can have a whole album's worth of songs on us! All written to get children singing, dancing and (of course) pretending, this great mix of Pyjama Drama originals and reworkings of traditional songs have been loved by thousands of children across the globe...


Cartoon cute red dragons flying in front of a big sun in a pale blue sky. 



          1. Dragon jive
          2. I can count!
          3. All about me
          4. Five little monkeys 
          5. Happy times
          6. I love my pet
          7. Miss Polly had a dolly 
          8. Sunshine and lollipops
          9. Sunshine and showers
          10. The creepiest crawlies of all 


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