Five good friends

Learning Outcomes (linked to the EYFS) 

Children will:                          

  • Contribute to a whole-group discussion (CL)
  • Sing together (EAD)
  • Practise counting backwards from 5 - 1 (MATH)
  • Understand when to say 'sorry' (PSED)



How to Play

1. Sit in a circle and share a simple story about five friends who didn't have enough sleep, so were feeling grumpy and irritable. Tell the children that they started to argue about whose turn it was to ride the tractor and that one friend shouted at another and made them cry...

Q: If you shouted at your friend and made them cry, what could you say to make them feel better? 
Encourage children to share their ideas 

2. SING: Five Good Friends (to the tune of 'Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed')

Five good friends were in a mood,
Feeling angry, being rude.
One of the friends knew what to say,
‘I’m sorry, would you like to play?’

Four, three, two good friends etc. 

3. Once children are familiar with the song, insert an individual's name (ie. 'Tommy'). into the verse: 

Five good friends were in a mood,
Feeling angry, being rude.
Tommy, he knew what to say...

5. At the appropriate time, 'Tommy' should complete the song by saying/singing, "I'm sorry, would you like to play?"

6. Continue to sing, inserting a different child's name into the verse each time and encouraging them to join in at the end


Have fun and remember all games, songs and rhymes are original to Pyjama Drama 
- you won't find them anywhere else!