Horses Love to Munch

Learning Outcomes (linked to the CA Preschool Learning Foundations) 

Children will:                         

  • Recite a rhyme (Language and Literacy)
  • Discover that everyone has different preferences (Social and Emotional Development)
  • Generate ideas to solve a problem (Social and Emotional Development)


How to Play 

1. Introduce your children to your horse. Describe its size, color and personality. 

2. Realize your horse is hungry! Think of something crunchy for it to eat.  


Horses love to munch
On something they can crunch
So what's in my hand today?
Today I've got a crunchy ________ in my hand
So what have you got to say?

4. Hold out the food to your horse. Then turn your head and show the big and silly facial expressions of a horse chewing and spitting out the food. 

5. Think of a new treat and RECITE again, encouraging everyone to join in. 

6. Continue to play until you find something that the horse will eat! 

NOTE: This activity is fun with any imaginary animal friend you wish to introduce.

Have fun and remember all games, songs and rhymes are original to Pyjama Drama
- you won't find them anywhere else!