My Friend Jack Frost

Learning Outcomes (linked to the EYFS) 

Children will:                         

  • Create interesting shapes with their bodies (PD)
  • Maintain balance and control over their movements (PD)
  • Learn and contribute to the delivery of a rhyme (CL)


How to Play

1. Discuss the weather with children. If it's cold out, you might wonder if Jack Frost has been here. If it's not, create an imaginary world by rubbing your arms and wrapping up in an imaginary coat. Tell your students you think you see Jack Frost, who might accidentally turn you into a beautiful ice statue unless you keep moving. 

2. SING My Friend Jack, with actions (to the tune of "I'm a Little Teapot") 

My friend Jack’s got an icy nose
Icy fingers and icy toes
He’s sometimes naughty but always nice
And his wand will turn you in to ice!


3. Dance with the students for a few seconds. Then say "freeze!" and encourage children to hold a fantastic ice shape

4. Comment on the positions children choose, and notice when they are still

5. Continue to play, allowing students to be Jack Frost and say "freeze!" 

Have fun and remember all games, songs and rhymes are original to Pyjama Drama 
- you won't find them anywhere else!