My Friend

Learning Outcomes (linked to the EYFS) 

Children will:                    

  • Explore what makes a good friend (PSED)
  • Explore a range of feelings (PSED)
  • Practise sharing thoughts and feelings with each other (CL)



How to Play

1. Children sit in a circle



I want to be a friend to you,
And you and you and you.
But being friends with everyone
Is sometimes hard to do.
I don’t always get it right,
So you can help a lot.
Tell me, if I (GRABBED YOUR TOY),
Am I a friend or not?


 3. Discuss: Would you be a good friend if you grabbed a toy from someone? How would it make them feel? 


4. Continue to play, each time replacing ‘grabbed your toy’ wit something different (e.g.: pushed you over/shared my cake/called names/gave you a hug)



Have fun and remember all games, songs and rhymes are original to Pyjama Drama 
- you won't find them anywhere else!