1. Role play a conversation with Gary. Watch Role Play Demo 1 below which demonstrates how to bring Gary to life and introduce the activity (refer to ‘outline’ below).


OUTLINE: Character profile...

Character type:  Tree frog

Skin colour:  Green with orange feet and blue arms

Skin texture:  Smooth and shiny

Eyes:  Bright orange, bulging

Tongue:  Long, snappy

Other distinguishing features:  Sticky feet (to help him climb trees)

Personality:  Shy and quick to giggle 

Superpower:  Changes colour according to his mood 

Favourite pastime:  Playing the drums

And finally...Gary’s favourite song is ’Mixed Up Frog’


2. Play the music video ‘Mixed Up Frog’, repeating as appropriate.


3. Take Gary and the other frogs with you to your next planned classroom activity. E.g. “I know what Gary would love to do next - have some banana and milk with us. Let's carry the frogs over to the snack table...”