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Pyjama Drama began life in 2005 in beautiful Mid-Wales in the UK and is headed up by founder Sarah Owen and her sister Rachel McKenna. Sarah, an experienced Drama and English teacher and mum of three, launched the first Pyjama Drama business teaching drama to young children in 2005 while on Maternity Leave, writing hundreds of lesson plans and composing and recording original music to support her sessions. 

The first franchise was sold in 2009, and Pyjama Drama classes expanded rapidly in towns, villages and cities throughout the UK where hundreds of classes are still being delivered every week.

In 2013, Sarah was commissioned to write a series for CBeebies Radio, in 2015 Pyjama Drama classes were launched in Australia and Malaysia, and at the beginning of 2016 Sarah Rijnen started working with Rachel and Sarah Owen in California and together, in January 2019, they launched Pyjama Drama Learning.


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