Snowman's Hat

Learning Outcomes (linked to the EYFS) 

Children will:                           

  • Learn and join in with the words of a new rhyme (LIT)
  • Recognize facial expressions and the accompanying emotions (PSED)
  • Have the confidence to take a lead role in a game (PSED)


Resources required: 
A hat or play cloth



How to Play

1. Sit in a circle and talk about how you love to build a snowman when the snow is just right.

2. Mime building a snowman together, or several snowmen! Make sure to add facial features and a hat. 

3. Encourage one child to take on the role of the snowman and put on a hat (or a play cloth or napkin). Point out his/her happy face.

4. Shout, "Here comes the wind!" and grab the hat, flying it to the other side of the room. Encourage the child to show a sad, cold or grumpy facial expression. 

4. RECITE: Snowman's Hat

Snowman’s lost his snowman’s hat
The wind took it off him – imagine that 
His head is cold – he wants it back 
(NAME OF CHILD) find that snowman’s hat! 

5. The named child should run and get the hat (play cloth) and put it back on the snowman’s head. Notice that the snowman is happy again. 

6. The child who found the hat becomes the next snowman! Continue until all children have been a snowman. Or try having more snowmen at once. 


Have fun and remember all games, songs and rhymes are original to Pyjama Drama 
- you won't find them anywhere else!