We’re thrilled to announce we’ve been shortlisted for not one, but two Teach Early Years awards! The first, our EYFS well-being activity pack, ‘The Way I Feel’ has been shortlisted in the ‘communication, language and literacy’ category. This is no ordinary well-being resource for preschoolers! 


The pack uses a simple drama technique (that any EYFS practitioner can use!) to bring an imaginary character to life. This character, helps preschool children to recognise, name and manage their emotions – which leads to greater social and emotional development. Early years social and emotional development has arguably never been more important, especially as youngsters start to venture back to their EYFS classrooms and have to deal with the trauma and/or uncertainty of lockdown. 


Drama is the perfect vehicle for well-being, and the CPD element of this pack enables all EYFS practitioners to develop their practise and grow in skills and confidence – resulting in a happy, creative learning environment. And don’t forget, drama is just another word for play! And we all know how important play is for well-being in EYFS children. Once you add in a little imagination, the benefits increase tenfold. Check out ‘The Way I Feel’ for yourself and you’ll see just how powerful learning becomes when you add in a little imagination.