How to Become an Expert in Early Years Imaginative Play

Drama? Just another word for play!


'How to Become an Expert in Early Years Imaginative Play' is a CPD course for anyone who works with, or wants to work with, children aged 3 – 5. It teaches practitioners how to use drama and play to develop social and emotional skills and ultimately, to nurture eager and engaged learners. We share the tried and tested techniques, the ‘magic spells’, which we have been using across the UK in Pyjama Drama Franchising classes since 2005.


This is an online, pre-recorded course which can be watched at the pace that’s right for the individual, from the comfort of their own home/workplace. Accessed via our online learning hub, progress is easily tracked and accompanying resources downloaded. To watch in one sitting, the course takes approximately two and a half hours, but each lesson is typically only five minutes long, breaking learning down into manageable chunks.



Practitioners will:

  • Experience increased confidence when reading stories, singing songs, leading music and movement activities, and supporting children in their play.
  • Develop strategies to support social and emotional well-being.
  • Learn how easy it can be to lead large groups of children in energetic, imaginative games that don't result in a chaotic classroom and do result in children learning self-control, while developing their physical skills.
  • Learn simple techniques that utilise every learning opportunity. 


Practitioners have lifetime access to:

  •  36 pre-recorded lessons which include teacher demonstrations
  •  A series of ‘challenges’ for practitioners to put what they learn into practise, both at home and in their setting
  •  A workbook outlining techniques and giving step-by-step guides to facilitating our games and classroom management strategies
  •  A resource pack of 10 original drama games
  •  7 bonus videos demonstrating how to apply techniques to multiple themes
  •  Expert advice via email
  •  An online support network


Those who choose to will also benefit from: 

  • Online tutorials or in-person training (find out more about the different ways to learn here)


Prices, independent learning

  • Individual practitioner Buy now: £120
  • Multiple practitioners (a nursery or school setting, for example) Buy now: £495
  • Large cohorts (LEA groups, university groups, for example) Please contact us to discuss your requirements and to benefit from reduced rates 

Buy now and get immediate online access to pre-recorded lessons, downloadable resources and ongoing support!


Prices, online and in-person learning




Drama is a powerful and inclusive vehicle for children’s learning, but we recognise it can feel intimidating for practitioners who may have no experience of drama or consider themselves to be naturally shy. We have over 15 years’ experience of training individuals, who often have no formal drama experience, how to use our techniques. We have a down-to-earth approach and have carefully structured the course to enable individuals to gently build confidence and expertise. In no time at all, practitioners realise that there’s nothing to be nervous about and that drama is in fact, just another word for play.


About Imaginative Play...

The benefits of learning through play are widely recognised, but learning through imaginative play is a bit different, and very powerful – and that’s because young children pretend instinctively.

So, when we pretend with children and are prepared to leave the ‘real world’ behind, we create the optimum environment for learning to take place, as well as for the development of key social skills so important to well-being. 


Additional support...

This course has been created so that anyone can learn how to become an expert in early years imaginative play, learning independently but alongside support via email from our founders, and via our Learning Academy from like-minded practitioners.

However, if you'd like to benefit from additional support, we do provide online and in-person tutorials to accompany the course. We can also deliver the course in-house as a one-day training for all your staff. Please contact us to discuss your requirements, we're happy to help!